Jednodenní speciályYOU CAN COME ALSO FOR ONE DAY!

Skating- 31.01.2020 Velke Popovice

PRICE: 40€ (2x ice and snack)

Skills with the stick- 01.05.2020

Shooting- 08.05.2020




Are you interested in SportsEvents HOCKEY CAMPS, their intensity, philosophy and you want to try it. Do you know us from previous events and you would like to train intensively. There is a possibility for you: ONE DAY SPECIAL CLINICS.

You can choose from several themes of practice, because we always pay attention to the other groups of skills: SKATING, SKILLS WITH THE STICK, SHOOTING AND BEHAVIOR NEAR THE NET, GAME SITUATIONS AND GOALIES,.... Players have three ice-practices and one shooting and stickhandling off-ice practice. Goalies have two specialized ice practices, one off-ice, and one off-ice practice with their special warm up and goalie mobility practice.


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