Matches are officiated by referees in compliance with the rules of the game, with the exceptions listed below:

1. Time: two 20-minute halves (the clock runs continuously), with the exception of the last two minutes of both halves, when the time is paused if the puck is out of play.

2. Warm-up: prior to each match, there is a one-minute warm-up without the puck. The first face-off follows immediately thereafter. During the intermission between the two halves teams may substitute players. When changing sides, goalies can only take their bottle from the bench, as the play resumes immediately. Participating teams are required to show up on time. Officials will start matches on time, according to the schedule. Delaying the start of a match is unacceptable on the grounds of one team or any player being late.

3. Roster: all players must be on the official roster of the team.

4. Representation: no player may represent more than one team during the same tournament.

5. Restrictions: No participating player may have recorded any appearance during the 2020/2021 season in any Extraliga, 1st league, 2nd league or 1st junior league or any foreign competitions which are, in terms of quality, evidently of a higher than amateur level. (This means first three levels of men leagues and first two levels of juniors U20, U18, U16) and whatever North American equivalent league for non-European players. EUHL, woman leagues and qualifiers to the above leagues are permitted.

DIVISION B: can not have had an apperance in the 4th level of men leagues, in EUHL and last five seasons (2020/2021, 2019/2020, 2018/2019, 2017/2018, 2016/2017) in the leagues not permitted in DIVISION A.

DIVISION C: Players have never apperanced in the first 5 levels of men leagues, first level of women leagues and never in the leagues that are not permitted in DIVISION A.

EXCEPTION: If someone has had an appearance in a league that is not permitted as a goalie, they can plays at CZECH OPEN as a player, and vice versa.

6. Time-out: Teams are allowed to take timeouts only during the last two minutes of each half.

7. Bodychecking: Bodychecking is only allowed if and when the two players are moving in the same direction.

8. Speedy line change: Once an official is positioned for face-off, he will blow his whistle and throw the puck in regardless of whether or not the teams are ready. If it is impossible to resume play in this manner (such cases are explicitly referred to in the rules of the game), the official will instruct the team to prepare to resume play. Should the team fail to do so, a two-minute minor bench penalty will be assessed. (This rule will be strictly enforced, especially during power plays).

9. Penalties: a two-minute minor penalty, five-minute major penalty, ten-minute misconduct penalty and game misconduct penalty can be assessed. The penalty clock resumes with the first face-off after the penalty. If a player is removed due to misconduct, he or she is not suspended for the next match. In the event of a game misconduct penalty, the player is automatically suspended for one match (if the team advances to the final tournament and the game misconduct was assessed in the final match of the qualifying tournament, the suspension applies to the first match of the final tournament).

10. Abusing an official: If a player abuses an official, he or she will be removed from the tournament and the match will be forfeited in favor of the opposing side (goals and assists are taken into consideration for statistical purposes). In the event of a second misconduct, the entire team will be disqualified, and is not entitled to any refund of the participation fee or accommodation costs.

11. Disqualification: In the event of any breach by any team of rules number 3, 4 or 5, the team will be disqualified and its participation fee or accommodation costs will not be refunded. Their matches will be forfeited.

12. Identity: Players participate in tournaments based on accurately and fully completed rosters and the players' valid ID cards. In the event of a disagreement, an ID card will be requested from the player in question, or whenever during the tournament at the discretion of the organizers. Should the player refuse to prove his or her identity, the organizers shall proceed in the same way as any breach of rule number 2, 3 or 4.

13. Number of players: The maximum number of players on a roster is eighteen (centers, wingers and defenders) plus two goalies.

14. Roster changes: Players can be added to the roster while the tournament is in progress, but only before the start of a team's 3rd match. Once a player has been added, he or she cannot be removed. The number of players added to the roster may not exceed the number of available places on the roster.

15. Points: points are awarded as follows: two (victory), one (draw), zero (loss). Round robin matches can end in a draw, while play-off matches must have a winner (determined by penalty shootout (under rule number 16), if necessary).

16. Penalty shootout: three different players take penalty shots for their team, in a random order. If the game is still tied after three attempts on each side, players from the two teams take turns (unsuccessful players may try again) until one team wins.

17. Equipment: The equipment used by players during matches must be complete and compliant with the applicable ice hockey rules.

18. Verification: Verification is the process of ensuring that a player is who they allege to be, and that they are eligible for the tournament. Verification is allowed at any time during the match, but only one player per team per half. The Verification process is as follows: one team's captain shall tell the referee or any of the organisers the name of the player he needs to verify. The player will be identified according to the roster and his identity will be determined immediately after the match, in the constant presence of any of the organizers. The persons involved subsequently proceed in compliance with the applicable rules. After the expiration of a match the verification is not possible.

19. Protests: Protests must be passed on to the organizer of the tournament no later than five minutes after the end of the match, subject to a fee of CZK 1000. All protests are reviewed by a committee (Organisers and the referee of the match). If the protest is dismissed, the fee shall be forfeited in favour of the organiser. Confrontation is not protest and is governed by rule number 18.

20. Final tournament: winners of Division A and B and C tournaments proceed to the final tournament. Each team may add no more than three new players who have not played for the team during the regular tournament. In addition, the players who did not play for their team in the regular tournament may play, as long as they have not played for any other team during any regular tournament during the same year.

21. The overall standings in the group are determined based on the following:
a) number of points
b) Head-to-head (if several teams have an equal number of points, a "mini table" of their head-to-head is used to determine the overall standings: first, points awarded in the respective head-to-head matches, and second, the score from the head-to-head matches)
c) overall score difference
d) more goals scored in all matches
e) draw (if two teams which play the very last match have equal results, a penalty shootout will take place in lieu of the draw, pursuant to the provisions outlined in section 16)

22. Icing: Refers always to the puck passing the centre ice line opposite goal line without being touched by a player (in line with the rules of icing). Icing will be automatic, and a player does not need to touch the puck. No hybrid icing is permitted. The teams can change players after committing icing.

We ask the players and officials to behave respectfully to the referee, as we need them to keep the tournament running smoothly.


1. Valuables: Neither the organizer of the tournament nor the operator of the ice hockey arena are responsible for any valuables left in dressing rooms (cell phones, jewellery, credit cards, car keys, money, IDs, electronic devices, computers and other items of value). These items must be kept in the office or at the reception desk of the arena during the match or tournament.

2. Loss of keys: In the event of loss of the keys to the dressing room or in the event of other problems related to the security of the dressing room, the manager of the team must inform the organizer, who shall make the necessary arrangements. Otherwise the manager renders impossible the effective and safe protection of the players' belongings (clothes, shoes, hockey equipment and other property, save for items referred to in section 1) left in the dressing room.

3. First aid medical staff: Medical staff will be present at the ice hockey arena at all times. The organiser undertakes to ensure the presence of first aid medical staff or to call an ambulance, if necessary. However, the organizer is unable to transport persons with minor injuries to a hospital (does not apply to more serious injuries in which case an ambulance is called).

4. Players participate in tournaments at their own risk

5. Team manager: The team manager shall make sure the personal data on the roster is accurate. By providing his or her signature on the roster, the manager acknowledges the sanctions for any breach of the applicable rules.

6. Force majeure: Organisers are not responsible for problems caused by force majeure.

7. Presentation: The team manager shall send the team's roster (names and DOB) at least one week before the tournament to the e-mail address lukasviktor (a) sportsevents tecka cz (to allow the organizers to check the players' compliance with rule number 3 (appearance in leagues)). Team managers shall come to the office of the organisers of the tournament sixty minutes before their teams first match in order to pay the outstanding balance of their participation fee or accommodation, or to receive instructions and submit a signed copy of the roster (no nicknames allowed) with jersey numbers and to nominate the goalie. This procedure is followed checking all players by means of their identity based on their ID cards or passports.

8. Alcohol: Organizers of the tournament would like to ask the participants to adopt a sensible approach to alcohol consumption in between the matches. Alcohol can ruin the experience for you as well as other teams (your opponents). What's more, it can increase the risk of injury and life-threatening health problems.

9. Identity: Players must be able to present an ID card if requested to do so.

Should you have any comments or recommendations for how to improve the tournaments in the future, please send them to my e-mail address (lukasviktor (a) sportsevents tecka cz) after the tournament.

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