Division "B" and "C"

The level for real and true amateurs - Czech Amateur Championship Tournaments, DIVISION "B" and "C"

Czech Amateur Championship

Are you a true Amateur? Do you want to compete in a Championship tournament? Go-ahead and try out the 5th season of the DIVISION "B" and the second year of DIVISION "C" for complete amateurs.

FINALLY the website eliteprospects.com gave us a chance for "weaker" teams. Are you worried that the teams at the CZECH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP are going to be too good for you? Well do not worry about it, instead try to play in the division "B" or even the division "C" tournaments.

DIVISION "B" - players that played in 4th level of men leagues and players that played in leagues that are prohibited from DIVISION "A" in the past 5 years (2020/2021, 2019/2020, 2018/2019, 2017/2018, 2016/2017) are NOT allowed to play in DIVISION "B".

DIVISION "C" - any player that has ever played in 4th and 5th level of men leagues and first level of women leagues or any leagues that are prohibited from DIVISION "A" is not allowed to play in DIVISON "C".

If you are part of DIVISION "B" or "C" you are not prevented from taking part in DIVISION "A".

Czech Amateur Championship

2 Tournaments of Division "B"

  • 09.04. 11.04. 2021 Liberec
  • 30.04. - 02.05. 2021 Beroun

The third year running, 3 tournaments of DIVISION "C"

  • 09.04. - 11.04. 2021 Liberec
  • 16.04. 18.04. 2021 Prague
  • 23.04. - 25.04. 2021 Pilsen

These tournaments are designed for pure amateurs so we expect that your team will come to play evenly matched games. Please try not to stack your team with better players and disrespect the entire idea of DIVISON "B" and "C".

Everything else in our Division "B" and "C" tournaments is the same as our traditional tournaments, including the advancing to the final tournament, where you will compete for the Champion of the other DIVISION "B" and "C" tournaments. A dedicated locker room, the prices and everything else is the same for all divisions.

So if DIVISION "B" or "C" is the one for you, you will find more information in the same place as for the DIVISION "A" tournaments.

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