Regular school 

Since September of 2018 we have added a brand new event – Regular Ice hockey school. We are organizing this event in Velke Popovice usually on Saturdays and Sundays depending on the ice schedule. This school includes practice on ice (75 min) and off ice practice; shooting or gym (60 min).

Practice on the ice is divided into three sessions, first one is about skating abilities, from the very basic skills all the way to the hardest ones. Second part of practice would be focused on player skill development. For example coaches are going to pay close attention to – skills moves, passes, protection of the puck, shooting and finishing breakaways. In the last part of the practice we will focus on small area games or full ice game like situations. We are also preparing long term completion that will be played in this last part of practice.

During the dry land we will be focusing on stickhandling, balance and shooting from different positions. First half is going to be stickhandling at the gym and second part is going to be shooting at the shooting area.

regular schoolregular school

Before every practice coach is going to explain to the kids what the practice is going to look like. After the last practice coach is going to talk to all the players and tell what they did good and what they should focus on more.

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