Individual hockey camp

You don’t want to go a camp where coach has to take care more than 5 players?

With us you have the option of having a practice with a coach in a ration 1/2 a 1/3


What does it mean?

It's a simple rule: fewer players on the ice means more time and space for the coach to correct players mistakes. That is why Sports Events added two brand new individual hockey sessions (2/1 and 3/1).

 These intensive hockey sessions/practices are going to make you better as an individual and also give you a better understanding of game situations. As we have fewer players on the ice, coaches can pay much more attention to you and help you to get better as a player. Also you will be able to repeat the drill multiple times in-groups of 2 or 3 players.



This intensive specialized individual camp includes practice on the ice TWICE a day and off ice practice ONCE a day. Off ice practice mostly focuses on stickhandling and shooting.



25.03. - 31.03. 2019 Individual Hockey Camp "1/2" Prague

15.04. - 21.04.2019 Individual Hockey Camp "1/2" Prague

04.05.- 10.05.2019 Individual Hockey Camp "1/3" Velke Popovice 

30.07. - 05.08. 2019 Individual Hockey Camp "1/2" Prague

28.10.- 03.11.2019 Individual Hockey Camp "1/3" Beroun


 So what are you waiting for? Don't hesitate and come train with your personal coach on and off the ice.


Individual hockey campIndividual hockey camp


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