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A hockey camp built on quality Czech ice hockey school, organized in the Czech Republic for our French partner

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07.05. - 13.05. 2018 G2 Ice hockey camp for adult amateurs Velke Popovice
09.07. - 15.07. 2018 G2 Floor ball hockey camp Prague
16.07. - 22.07. 2018 G2 Floor ball hockey camp Prague
27.07. - 03.08. 2018 G2 Ice hockey camp Velke Popovice
04.08. - 11.08. 2018 G2 Ice hockey camp Velke Popovice
01.12. - 09.12. 2018 G2 Floor ball hockey camp Prague


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Price: 599 €

These camps have the same training intensity and focus on developing skills like every other CZECH HOCKEY CAMP, including the NHL tournament. G2 camps are made for French players , who have the same spirit as any Czech player, although sometimes they focus more on having fun. Even though they may not have the best skills, once they get into the game they are the same like any other Czech kid on the ice. IF YOU WANT TO HAVE INTENSIVE PRACTICES AND MAKE SOME INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS, YOU ARE WELCOME TO SIGN UP FOR THIS CAMP AS WELL.

G2 campsYou can't make it to any of our Czech hockey camps? You can choose from multiple other dates with our coaches.


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE CAMP, purpose, training methods, coaches, philosophy, tournament or anything just go to Czech hockey school and find out there, as the G2 camp follows the same structure.



Maybe you have noticed the FLOOR BALL HOCKEY CAMPS...

You're correct, SportEvents also organize floor ball hockey camps, mostly for French players, but you are also welcome to sign up. These camps also work on the same principles as our ice hockey schools. We are still creating out website, so if you have any questions please CONTACT US DIRECTLY.

Floor ball hockey camps

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