THIS CAMP IS BASED ON THE QUALITY OF CZECH ICE HOCKEY SCHOOL, ORGANIZED IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC FOR OUR PARTNER, mainly for russina speaking customers, but also from germany and other countries

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15.07.-21.07.2020 Summer hockey camp "ELGRAFF" Beroun
22.07.-28.07.2020 Summer hockey camp "ELGRAFF" Beroun


27.12.20.-02.01.2021Winter hockey camp "ELGRAFF" Beroun

03.01.-09.01.2021 Winter hockey camp "ELGRAFF" Beroun


04.07.-10.07.2021 Summer hockey camp "ELGRAFF" Beroun

11.07.-17.07.2021 Summer hockey camp "ELGRAFF" Beroun

18.07.-24.07.2021 Summer hockey camp "ELGRAFF" Beroun

25.07.-31.07.2021 Summer hockey camp "ELGRAFF" Beroun



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Price: € 630

These camps have the same quality training and focus on skills development just with a few small changes based on the requests of our partner... ICEBERG camps are mainly focused on training, the NHL tournament is not done at this camp but the practices are the same quality as the CZECH HOCKEY CAMPS. WE do not do the NHL tournament, summer Olympic games etc.... but this time is instead full of intensive practices. The individual skill level of Russian players  is usually very high so you can experience very high tempo camp. IF YOU WANT TO HAVE INTENSIVE PRACTICES AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS YOU CAN ALSO SIGN UP.


If you can't make the dates of the CZECH ICE HOCKEY CAMP you can find HERE other dates with our coaches.

Classic Czech Ice hockey camp is usually in the end of July and beginning of August because it's the best dates for Czech kids to come. If you are interested in coming to our camp and practice with our coaches, you can sign up in different dates, because we work on same principals in every single camp. You can also come at the end of the year or in the beginning; in spring, fall and the whole of July.

If you would like to know more about this camp, please go to Czech ice hockey camp and read more about it. The only difference is that ICEBERG camp does not have NHL tournament other than that it's very similar.


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